Greenwood Cemetery Search Database

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About Greenwood Cemetery Records

The City of Chadron has made the Greewood Cemetery records available to the public in the form of a searchable database. View a map of Greenwood Cemetery in PDF format or a Google map to the cemetery. If you are interested in pictures of gravestones, the state of Nebraska has an excellent Web site featuring gravestone markers from around the state,

Occupant and Owner Name Searches

If only one name is entered for the Occupant or Owner Name search, only the surname will be searched. For example: a query for the surname "Smith" will search all the occupant or owner surnames that contain the name "smith" within them. This search will also return results such as "Blacksmith" or "Smithson". If two names are entered in the query box the search will return results for first name, last name. For example: the search "Jon Smith" will search "Jon Smith" and return results like "Jonathon Smith" or "Jon Blacksmith". The most refined query, first name, middle initial, last name, will search the cemetery database for a person's full name with a middle initial. Most of the records in the cemetery database only include the middle initial; it is recommended that users only use the middle initial in their search to improve search results when searching for full names.

Block, Lot or Space Searches

The Block, Lot, and Space searches are single entry searches. For example: to search for spaces in Block 1 of the Greenwood cemetery, the search term would be a single "1" and the search option would be "Block".

"Block Lot" Searches

The "Block Lot" search will find a combination of block and lot addresses separated by a space. For example: to search Block 1, Lot 1 of the Greenwood Cemetery, the search term would be "1" and "1" separated by a space like "1 1" and the search option would be "Block Lot".

"Block Lot Space" Searches

The "Block Lot Space" search will find a specific space in the Greenwood Cemetery. The search format for the block, lot, space search is block, lot, and space addresses separated by spaces. For example: to find the space 1 in lot 1 in block 1 the search would be separated by spaces like "1 1 1" and the search option would be "Block Lot Space".

Date Searches

The date fields, "Date of Birth", "Date of Death", "Date of Burial", and "Date of Purchase", can be searched by month, year, or date. For example: to search burials in 1980, the search term would be "1980" and the search option would be "Date of Burial". Currently date searches can only be month, year, or date. Month, year searches like "July 1980" do not work. However, the date "July 21, 1980" is a valid search. All date formats in the cemetery database are month day, year.

Available Lots Search

The "Available Lots" search does not need a search term and simply displays all available spaces in the Greenwood Cemetery.

Veterans Search

The Veterans search is similar to the "Available Lots" search, if no search term is present, the search will return all the known veterans in Greenwood Cemetery. Veteran searches can be further refined by entering name searches in the same manner as the Occupant and Owner Name searches.